And I see 'kay, why? (nikittin) wrote in masanobu_love,
And I see 'kay, why?

Hello, Masanobu Ando fans!

Is anybody still there? ^^;;

I have gone through my various collections I don't want to keep anymore and among those are LOTS of magazines and boxes with the prettyful Masanobu featured in them. I'm looking to see if anybody here would be interested in buying them. They will be pretty expensive to ship as they're all going to be quite heavy but I would like them to go to a good home and am not looking into making a huge profit. (I will actually lose quite a bit of money since I spent lots of money acquiring this stuff, some at Yahoo! Japan auctions, and you know how expensive that can get.)

Sorry but I am looking into selling everything as a lot so the option of picking-and-choosing is not possible. I'm just looking into the easiest way of sending these off to a good home.

Anyway, who wants dibs? If anybody shows interest I can post photos. :)

Oh, and I live in the US.
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